Sexiest Comic Book Characters - Ep 76

Published: Jan. 28, 2022, 9:34 p.m.

Brett's guest today is Ann Walker. Who are the Morlocks? How bad is Brett's ADD? What X-Man was Brett surprised to discover had been killed (and it traumatized Ann)? Which villain does Ann hate? Who are the sexiest comic book characters? Is Juggernaut a hottie? What drawing turned Brett on? What happened when Brett did extra work on Gotham? Why doesn't Ann like Harley Quinn? Who is Punchline? What comic stories would Ann and Brett write if they had the chance? If real people got powers how would they react? What is your comic book origin story? What are Eye Boy's powers?

Reading tips: X-Men Classic #38 The Bride Of Caliban; D.P. 7; Marvels: Eye of the Camera; Civil War: Front Line; Daredevil by Frank Miller; Watchmen; Megalith (Continuity Comics by Neal Adams); Gladiator by Philip Wylie (novel); Wolverine and the X-Men