Secret Wars - Ep 107

Published: Sept. 2, 2022, 7:46 p.m.


My guest this week is comedian Wesley Williams. Were you more of a Heathcliff or a Garfield guy? Did you have the comic books that came with the He-Man action figures? What famous artist drew those comics? What's the difference between buying and collecting? What comic did Brett not buy when he was a kid? What happened in Dark Reign? Who would Brett and Wesley like to see play Norman Osborne in a screen version of Dark Reign? What would Brett do if he had piles of money? Make sure you read Akira, it's incredible. What happened in Siege? Where did Asgard land? What is All of the Marvels about? Why doesn't Wesley like the mutants as much as the other heroes? Why does Brett make fun of Alpha Flight? Are the X-Men too serious and heavy? Should Brett stop worrying about spoilers? What is Brett's issue with Michael Keaton's Batman? What should DC be doing with their movies? What happened in Secret Wars?

Reading tips: Civil War; Secret Invasion; Dark Reign; Death of Captain America; Siege; Akira; Mark Gruenwald's Captain America (I know I keep recommending it but it's so good); All of the Marvels (regular book); Secret Wars (original); The Killing Joke

Recorded 8-25-22 via Zencastr