Reilly Brown Interview - Ep 112

Published: Oct. 8, 2022, 3:54 a.m.


This week we talk to comic book artist Reilly Brown. Reilly has drawn Incredible Hercules, Batman: Fortnite, Cable and Deadpool, and much more! Are action scenes more fun to draw? Does Reilly know how well a book is selling? Are Reilly\'s kids into comics? Will Reilly share his action figures with his kids? How do the 80s GI Joe cartoons hold up? Was Reilly always good at art? How did Reilly know "artist" was a job? How are the jobs divvied up in animation? Why did Spider-Man\'s black costume confuse Reilly? What was Reilly\'s first comic book? Who wrote and drew the old He-Man comics that came with the toys? What was different about Spider-Man when he was written by Stan Lee? Does Reilly prefer print or digital? What was Reilly\'s first professional gig? What ddi Brett do before he become a comedian? What comics did Reilly write? When was Cable more popular than Deadpool? When does the artist become a co-writer?

Reading tips: Incredible Hercules; Cable and Deadpool; Outrage (Webtoon); Comic Book History of Animation