Plastic Man vs Elongated Man - Harrison Greenbaum - Ep 38

Published: May 8, 2021, 4:02 a.m.

Spoilers for Flashpoint comics and Invincible. What was it like being an intern at MAD Magazine? Do you have to choose between Marvel and DC? (I hope not!) What comic was Harrison surprised to see become a TV show? What was Superman like in Dark Knight Returns? Why does DC love a crisis? What was the controversy with artist Greg Land? Is it OK for comic artists to trace photographs? What if he's tracing porn? Is Tony Stark a dick? What's the difference between Plastic Man and Elongated Man? What did the DC movies get wrong about Superman? Should there be magicians in a superhero universe? Can you name a famous female magician? Is it cheating if a magician has superpowers? Should superheroes be allowed to have relationships? Wouldn't people die while they're going to dinner? Did the MCU movies make it easier for comedians to talk about superhero stuff in their acts? Have we reached "peak superhero" in terms of media? Will people get tired of superhero content? Does Paul Rudd have superpowers?

Reading list: Flashpoint, Tom King's Vision, Runaways, Dark Knight Returns, Frank Miller's Daredevil, Identity Crisis, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Elseworlds, What If..., Kingdom Come, Batman/Houdini: The Devil's Workshop, Iron Man: Demon in a Bottle, Maus, Watchmen, Fun Home, Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol

Watch list: Iron Man, Batman Brave and the Bold, Watchmen (TV series), Invincible, Doom Patrol

Recorded 5-5-21 via Cleanfeed