Oliver Graves - Man Thing Rules - Ep 116

Published: Nov. 4, 2022, 9:09 p.m.


My guest this week is Oliver Graves! What comic did Brett just get signed? What happens when you find out there\'s no comic book version of your favorite thing? What happened in Predator comics? How do we feel about "Magneto Was Right"? What would we do if someone had laser eyes in real life? Why do Brett and Oliver like Man-Thing? What is Man-Thing\'s origin? What happened when Man-Thing joined the Thunderbolts? What did Brett see when he visited the Marvel offices? What\'s the best thing about comics as opposed to movies or TV? Will anyone else ever play Iron Man? How do paparazzi find actors on set? What happened in Spider-Man: Identity Crisis? What comic did Oliver miss out on collecting? What is important about collecting? What does Oliver collect? What would Man-Thing\'s alignment be? What is a "tank"? What would the Punisher\'s alignment be? What\'s the difference between characters killing people in comics versus in the movies? What happened in the Franken-castle storyline?

Reading list: X-Men - God Loves, Man Kills; Cosmic Ghost Rider; anything with Man-Thing, especially the Thunderbolts; Leonard McCoy Country Doctor; Star Trek Archives: the Best of Peter David; Dinosaurs for Hire; Spider-Man: Identity Crisis; Franken-castle; Swamp Thing by Alan Moore; Creepshow comics; Tales from the Crypt; Choose Your Own Adventure; Choose Your Own Nightmare

Recorded 10-10-22 via Zencastr