Not So Mad Science - Pallavi Gunalan - Ep 35

Published: April 17, 2021, 11:06 p.m.

What makes Batman: The Animated Series so good? What ringtone does Pallavi want that Brett thinks will freak people out? Is Bruce Wayne a bad person? What would a leftist superhero look like? Is it interesting to look at things from the villain's point of view? Why does Marvel kill off the villains in their movies? What makes a hero and what makes an anti-hero? In Civil War, who was right? If there were no superheroes, would there still be supervillains, or do the heroes create the villains? Why are so many villains scientists? Is it comic books' fault that people don't trust science? In real life, should we try to make an Iron Man suit? Are comic books and superheroes now mainstream enough to use them in a standup act? Is The Big Bang Theory accurate? Is the word nerd overused? What's nerdier, reading comics or playing D&D? What's the difference between a comic and a comedian? Who's the funniest superhero? Can your opinions about a movie change over time? Which is better, the Snyder Cut or the Whedon Cut? Should Brett feel guilty about watching kid's cartoons?

Reading tips: Chuck Palahniuk novel Choke, also graphic novel Fight Club 2, Bitch Planet, What We Don't Talk About

Watch tips: Batman The Animated Series, Batman Beyond

Recorded 4/9/21 via Cleanfeed