Nick Fury Jr and More - Ep 79

Published: Feb. 18, 2022, 10:10 p.m.

This week we're joined by Mark Henely of Comedy Fight Club.

Who takes bigger swings, Marvel or DC? Is Kindle Unlimited the same as Comixology Unlimited? What is DC's Black Label? What happened when Brett got rid of his comics? What is the all time dumb moment in Fear Itself? What is the ending of Harry Potter? What eras was Brett reading comics? Was 1985 a big shift in quality for comic books? How great is Len Wein? Who are the Dark Avengers? What was "Siege"? How bad was "52"? What made Irredeemable Ant-Man so good? Who's the scariest person in the Marvel Universe? What's the deal with the new Marvel radio dramas? Why doesn't Mark like people in the 616 universe who date Peter Parker that aren't Mary Jane? Is "Peter Parker's life sucks" a major part of his character? What weird thing did Grant Morrison do? What happened to Flash Thompson? What happened in Original Sin? How did they get Nick Fury Jr. into the 616 comics?

Reading list: Injustice - Gods Among Us; John Hickman X-Men; Darwyn Cooke/Ed Brubaker Catwoman; Punisher 2099; Mark Waid/Neal Adams Fantastic Four; Static Shock (new series, also the original one); Batman - 3 Jokers; Fear Itself; Captain America and the Falcon; John Byrne Fantastic Four; Spider-Man (all of it); Golden Age Superman; anything by Len Wein; anything by Greg Rucka; Shadowland; Marvel Team-Up (classic and by Robert Kirkman); Irredeemable Ant-Man; Superior Spider-Man; Wolverine: The Long Night (audio drama); Old Man Hawkeye; Spider-Man: One Moment In Time by Joe Quesada; Agent Venom storyline; Original Sin; Battle Scars mini series

Recorded 1-31-22 via Zencastr