Manga And Anime Recommendations - Ep 119

Published: Nov. 25, 2022, 5 p.m.


My guest this week is comedian Art Cai! What did they used to do in comics that they don't do anymore? What image caused manga publishers to put a footnote in the book? Why are American kids getting into manga? Do writers stick with a manga for a long time? What happened when Spider-Man did standup? What are the benefits of digital comics? What does Art like about Invincible and Batman The Animated Series? Do the actors in superhero movies know anything about their characters before they're cast? Should you read or watch One Punch Man?

Reading tips: Akira; Locke & Key; Joe Hill Graphic Novel Collection; The Boys; Invincible; One Punch Man; Snelson - Comedy is Dying; Dying is Easy; Hot Lunch Special; Knock 'Em Dead; Batman - Year One; Uzumaki; anything by Junji Ito; One Piece; Death Note; Rave Master (skews younger); Laika; Astro Boy; My Friend Dahmer; Hi Q; Spider-Man: Legend of the Spider-Clan

Watch tips: Assassination Classroom; Evangelion; My Hero Academia; Cowboy Bebop; The Boys; Invincible; Batman The Animated Series; One Punch Man; FLCL

Recorded 11-12-22 via Zencastr