Legion of Superheroes with John Ordover - Ep 42

Published: June 5, 2021, 2:28 a.m.

On this 42nd episode (42!) we talk to Legion of Superheroes expert John Ordover about his favorite super-team. What made Legion comics salacious for their time? What was different about the Legion books? What character died and stayed dead? Who was in charge of the Legion comics for a long time? When did the Legion books get dark and grim? What did every Legion member have? What other powers does the Legion Flight Ring have? What did they change Lightning Lad's name to? Who is Matter Eater Lad? What is Stone Boy's power? What makes a good Legion of Substitute Heroes story? Who is Brainiac 5? Is he related to the bad guy Brainiac? What about the version of the Legion on Supergirl really bothers John? What is Brainiac's real name? What are Nemesis Kid's powers? What was the best version of the Legion onscreen? Who does John think should be in charge of the Legion books? What are John's problems with Spider-Man?

Legion Reading tips: The Great Darkness Saga, The Curse

Recorded 5/31/21 via Cleanfeed