Joe Gets Rid of Comic Books

Published: Nov. 10, 2023, 8:27 p.m.


This week we\'re live at Everyone Comics with Joe Pontillo and proprietor Dimitrios Fragiskatos! How are the Winter Soldier comics different from the movies? Who played Captain America in the 1990 movie? How bad is the Roger Corman Fantastic Four? What is Bucky\'s real name? What comics did Joe buy because he felt bad for the writer? What Batman titles were around in the 90s? Is it harder to write kid\'s comics than adult comics? What is the only movie Stephen King wrote and directed? What other characters did Steve Ditko create? Which X-Man is currently dressing as Spider-Man? Is it important for a comic book series to have a letters page? Where did George RR Martin get the idea to kill off one of his main characters, maybe? Which comic writer was on The Real World? What\'s happening with the Ultimate Universe?\\xa0

Reading list:
By Ed Brubaker:
Winter Soldier

Mark Gruenwald Captain America

The Batman Chronicles

Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth

Superior Spider-Man

Alpha Flight #12

Adventures of Superman #500

The Killing Joke: Deluxe Edition

Batman Annual #11 featuring Villains in Love by Alan Moore

Nightly News by Jonathan Hickman

Watch list:
Dolph Lundgren Punisher
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Maximum Overdrive
Herman\'s Head
Parker Lewis Can\'t Lose
True Romance
Supergirl (CW)
Batman: Under The Red Hood

Recorded live at Everyone Comics on 11-1-23