Invincible Recap - Matt Menard - Ep 41

Published: May 28, 2021, 4 p.m.

Spoilers for Invincible. Matt and I loved the show, which is based on some amazing comics. Did Invincible end too soon? How would you describe Invincible? Do Omni Man's actions make sense? Why is Superman so moral? Were some characters out of place? What is their version of the Justice League called? Who are The Mauler Twins? What makes them so much fun? Do they explain where people's powers come from? What other show were a lot of the voice actors on as well? What makes this series different from other superhero series? When did Matt get hooked on the show? Why have superhero movies and TV shows done away with secret identities? What was the name of the robotic bad guy? Is Invincible good enough to hook you if you're not really a superhero person? Is Invincible too violent for some people? What is a key difference between Omni Man and Superman? What does Matt not like about anime? What novel started the superhero genre?

Reading tips: Invincible, The Boys, Philip Wylie's Gladiator (novel)

Watch tips: Invincible, The Boys, Justice League (DC Animated Universe), Smallville

Recorded 5/15/21 via Cleanfeed