Hot Lunch Special and More - Ep 92

Published: May 20, 2022, 7:28 p.m.


Today Dan Bublitz Jr. returns to discuss some of his favorite comics - Hot Lunch Special, Dying is Easy, and Knock 'em Dead. What is Hot Lunch Special about? Is it time for Brett to get over his aversion to spoilers? What are two things that make Hot Lunch Special so good? What show did Dan not like the ending to? Does Brett read comic books too quickly? Would Hot Lunch Special work as a novel? What is Dying is Easy about? What thing in Knock 'em Dead made Brett think the author had done standup comedy? (Which he did.) How did they display stand-up jokes in Knock 'em Dead? What happened the first time Dan went on stage? What kind of jokes did Brett used to do? How does Dan find these cool comics? Good Boy is about a dog getting revenge; you should read that too.

Reading list: Locke and Key; Hot Lunch Special; Dying is Easy; Knock 'Em Dead; I Kill Giants; Hit-Girl Vol. 4: In Hollywood; Green Arrow/Green Lantern Hard Traveling Heroes; Green Arrow: Long Bow Hunters; Midnight Vista; The Paybacks; The Vein; Cult Classic; Snelson: Comedy is Dying; Wolverine: Patch; Good Boy; Newburn

Recorded 5-13-22 via Zencastr