Green Arrow Deep Dive with Nathan Clemons - Ep 91

Published: May 13, 2022, 4 p.m.


My guest this week is Nathan Clemons, returning to the show for a second time. We do a deep dive into Green Arrow and much more. What did Neal Adams do for Batman and Green Arrow? Does Neal Adams' art hold up? What is the Hard Traveling Heroes? What social issues did Neal Adams and Dennis O'Neil cover? What characters did Neal Adams co-create? Who is John Stewart Green Lantern? How long did Mike Grell write and draw Green Arrow? What were the Justice League Satellite Era years? What happened when Green Arrow tried to get Black Lightning to join the Justice League? Who is The Question? What is The Question's costume? Who created The Question? Why don't we have a Question movie yet? Who should play the villain in a Question movie? Who should play Vic Sage? Is Green Arrow just discount Batman? When did Hal Jordan become The Spectre? What tattoos does Nathan have? How did Nathan buy his first house? What is the weirdest item Nathan has in his collection? What is Nathan's most valuable comic?

Reading list: Hard Traveling Heroes (Green Arrow and Green Lantern); Green Arrow: Longbow Hunters; The Question (original run); Quiver by Kevin Smith; Archer's Quest by Brad Meltzer; Judd Winick's Green Arrow run; What If...?; Marvel Two-In-One; Marvel Team Up; Luke Cage: Power Man; The Batman Who Laughs; Civil War; Daredevil by Frank Miller; Death of Captain Marvel; JLA: Year One by Mark Waid; Astonishing X-Men by Joss Whedon & John Cassaday; Justice League of America: The Nail; Justice by Alex Ross; Fantastic Four: 1234