Gilbert Gottfried Tribute and More - Ep 87

Published: April 15, 2022, 4:32 p.m.


This week Brett does a tribute to the great Gilbert Gottfried. Who did Gilbert play on The Adventures of Superman? How about on Adventures of Superboy? What comic book did Gilbert write? You need to read I Kill Giants. Don\'t Google "I Kill Giants" google "I Kill Giants comic" otherwise you\'ll see a trailer for the movie and it spoils stuff. Brett\'s been reading Mark Gruenwald\'s Captain America books and enjoying them. Check out The Batman Who Laughs and MAYBE Dark Knights Metal. What is the Dark Multiverse? What made Gruenwald\'s Captain America comics so good? Is it still cool to be a patriot? What is Captain America\'s brand of patriotism? What happened when Steve Rogers worked for Marvel Comics? Marvel liked putting their editors and writers and artists in the comics. Did DC do that? Who was Steve Rogers dating? Do we need secret identities in the movies? What did they do well in the Robert Pattinson Batman movie? Brett discusses Discovery\'s purchase of Warner Bros and their plans for DC. What DC movie does Brett really want to see happen? Did Ezra Miller assault someone? What happened to Ezra Miller in Hawaii? What does it mean to "carry" a movie? Brett goes off on a rant.

Recorded 4-14-22 via Audacity