Future Comics - Ep 78

Published: Feb. 11, 2022, 10:41 p.m.

This week on Comics Who Love Comic Books - Jessie Reyes returns! What are the characteristics of future comics? What are the big future comics series? Which ones are available on comic book apps? What book started the 2099 craze? Why did Peter David quit Spider-Man 2099? What comic is a precursor to the Spider-Verse? What is Alchemax? Who is Spider-Man 2099? Who plays Miguel O'Hara in Into The Spider-Verse? Will we get a live action version of Batman Beyond with Michael Keaton? How old is Michael Keaton? What silly Spider-Man product does Brett have? What Marvel character are the police dressed up as in 2099? What's the coolest scene in Future Imperfect? What's the deal with Dark Knight Returns? Who is Magog? How long does it take to write a comic book? Who is Booster Gold? Who are the two different versions of Blue Beetle?

Reading tips: All 2099 books; Marvel Knights 2099 by Robert Kirkman; Spider-Man 2099 by Peter David; Timestorm 2099; Batman Beyond; Justice League 3000; Future Imperfect; Incredible Hulk: The End; The Dark Knight Returns; Kingdom Come