Fan Theories Part 1 - Paul Spratt

Published: March 4, 2022, 9:14 p.m.

This episode is FULL OF SPOILERS, both real and imagined. Paul Spratt returns to discuss fan theories. Why are there no fan theories for DC movies? Where do fan theories start? Why does Marvel like the fan theories? Is it an inside job? What is one way we may get mutants in the MCU? What is Kevin Feige not doing anymore? What does Tom Holland want? Why is Brett eager for a big screen Miles Morales? What's the difference between a fan theory and a leak? What was a missed opportunity in WandaVision? What Avengers movie theories are out there? What are the fan theories about Black Panther 2?

Reading tips: Young Avengers and the Children's Crusade

Recorded 2-28-22 via Zencastr