Fables and More - Steve Cohen

Published: April 22, 2022, 7:20 p.m.


What comic did Steve keep reading? What DC character does Steve have issues with? Why was original Superman better than current Superman? How strong is Spider-Man? Would Steve have been a good superhero? Why are the large compendium books fun? Why didn't Barnes and Noble care if you sat there and read books? What is Fables about? What happened in the Fables comics that made the author change his story? Will there ever be a Fables TV show? What comic does Steve put on a level with Shakespeare? What topic do Brett and Steve stay away from? How has New York City changed, and how does it look in comic book TV shows? What movie does Brett think you should see if you want to see how New York used to be? Where are Gotham City and Metropolis? What was Brett's favorite moment in the first Spider-Man movie? What happened to Grand Central Station in the MCU?

Recorded 4-17-22 via Zencastr