Ezra Miller Update

Published: Aug. 19, 2022, 4 p.m.


This week Brett does the pod solo. Spoiler alerts for: Marvels podcast and Batman Unburied podcast, Tom King's Mister Miracle, Tom King's Batman run, including War of Jokes and Riddles and JLA: The Nail. What the hell is going on with Ezra Miller? Why won't HBO release the Batgirl movie? When does the Flash movie come out? When will we get a live action Batman Beyond movie? What happens if the Black Adam movie flops? Why is print journalism important in comic books? Does Brett like superhero narrative podcasts? Will the new Black Panther movie be good? What comics should you read if you're new to comics? How far did Brett get when he read Spider-Man from the beginning? What crazy thing happened in the early Fantastic Four comics? What happened when they did a Miles Morales as Thor comic book? How does Brett feel about magical realism? Why has Brett been reading more DC than Marvel these days? What cool feature does the DC Infinite app have? Why does everybody hate D-Man?

Reading list: JLA - The Nail; Marvels; You Don\\u2019t Look Like Anyone I Know by Heather Sellers; Ultimate Spider-Man; Spider-Man (the original); Fantastic Four (the original); Frank Miller's Daredevil; The Boys; Killing Joke; Watchmen; Green Arrow (Kevin Smith, Brad Meltzer, Judd Winick); Mister Miracle by Tom King; War of Jokes and Riddles; Tom Taylor's Nightwing; Mark Gruenwald's Captain America

Recorded via Audacity on 8-18-22