Defending Superman - Sharita - Ep 59

Published: Oct. 1, 2021, 7:57 p.m.

Why does Sharita like Superman? Are comic books just a telenovela? Would you read an Uncle Ben comic? How do the comics treat heroes' backstories? How are they treated in the movies? Is Tony Stark Puerto Rican? How will the MCU deal with Chadwick Boseman's death? Which classic comic book relationship never made it to the big screen? Why is telekenisis the best power? Why does Sharita think Batman is boring? What other characters does she think are dull?

Reading list: Black Panther by Reginald Hudlin; Injustice: Gods Among Us; Iron Man; X-Men: Reload Vol. 1; Faust (Avatar Press) by Tim Vigil and David Quinn; Devilman (manga)

Watch tips: Death Note; Dragonball Z; Doom Patrol; My Hero Academia

Recorded 9-29-21 via Cleanfeed