DC Continuity Issues - Ep 94

Published: June 3, 2022, 4 p.m.


My guest this week is comedian Joe Pontillo. Why does DC keep blowing up their continuity? Is it frustrating when books don't have continuity? Did the Spider-Man clones mess everything up? What happened to everyone's feet in 90's comics? What was the best thing to come out of the 90's? Do the people who see the superhero movies also read the comics? Which one of the Guardians of the Galaxy would make the best standup comedian? What is Knightfall? How was Bane different in the movie as compared to the comic books? Why does Batman quit in the Christopher Nolan movies? Why didn't Joe like the first Avengers movie when it came out? (Sacrilege!) What comics can you give to people who aren't into comic books? Why have comic books stopped having footnotes? What happened in Crisis on Infinite Earths? What happened at the beginning of the Arrow series? What was weird about the Smallville TV show? What happens when Kevin Smith directs The Flash? Are Professor Zoom and Reverse Flash the same character? What do the Flash's rogues have in common? Which famous talk show host has a cameo in Dark Knight Returns? What happened to Green Arrow in Dark Knight Returns? What is something Zack Snyder is good at? Who was in the original Sinister Six?

Reading list: Batman - Knigthfall; Crisis on Infinite Earths; Green Arrow - Longbow Hunters; Green Arrow - Quiver; Doom Patrol by Grant Morrison; The Dark Knight Returns; Days of Future Past

Recorded 5-15-22 via zencastr