Daredevil and More

Published: Jan. 26, 2024, 10:53 p.m.


Today\'s guest once again is comedian Carlos Garcia! How good are the DC animated movies? What order should you watch them in? What happens in Fantastic Four #12 from 2018? What happened in Marvel\'s New Universe? Why didn\'t Warren Ellis finish newuniversal? What happens in City of Bane? SPOILER WARNING. Why does Brett like Spider-Man Noir? How great is it when Batman and Superman team up? What happens in Old Man Logan? What comics did it inspire? What\'s the deal with Gotham Central? What\'s up with the new Ultimate Spider-Man? Why does no one care about the new Miracleman by Neil Gaiman? Why are the collected editions so expensive? Why do you not want to buy the new Wonder Man book?\\xa0

Reading list:
Daredevil (2022) (free on Kindle Unlimited)
Frank Miller Daredevil
Secret Invasion
Fantastic Four #12-13 (2018) (free on Kindle Unlimited)
Batman #77 (2016) - City of Bane, by Tom King
Spider-Man Noir (2009)
Intertwined (free on Kindle Unlimited)
Batman vs Robin
Old Man Logan by Mark Millar (free on Kindle Unlimited)
Old Man Logan by Jeff Lemire (free on Kindle Unlimited)
Old Man Hawkeye (free on Kindle Unlimited)
Old Man Quill (free on Kindle Unlimited)
Ed Brubaker Captain America
Gotham Central (free on Kindle Unlimited)

Watch list:
The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 and 2
Batman: The Killing Joke
Batman: Year One
X-Men The Animated Series