Artists Should be Paid - Ep 102

Published: July 30, 2022, 1:37 a.m.


My guest this week is writer Joey Esposito, who wrote one of my favorite indie comics, Footprints. It's about Bigfoot as a detective. You should read it. Where did Joey used to work? What book did Joey write that Brett fell in love with? What is Brett's favorite version of Bigfoot? What makes Joey's version of Jersey Devil fun? What happened with Comixology? How did Joey get started writing comic books? How are comic book scripts written? What were Joey's first comic books? How does Joey feel about Superman? Brett loves Mark Gruenwald's Captain America comics from the 80s. Google Fred Van Lente scripts for some good examples of comic book scripts. What does the editor of a comic book do? Is Joey more of a DC or a Marvel guy? Who is Ragman? Who is Wildcat? Who are Joey's favorite writers? What is Joey's favorite part of getting ready to write a comic? What happens in Joey's Batman/Plastic Man story? Should writers who publish their own comics pay their artists? What do artists get paid? Do letterers do the sound effects?

Recorded 6-18-22 via zencastr