Anyone Comics Founder Dimitrios Fragiskatos - Part 2 - Ep 68

Published: Dec. 3, 2021, 10:57 p.m.

Dimitrios Fragiskatos from Anyone Comics part 2! How much does Amazing Spider-Man #300 sell for (first appearance of Venom)? Why are GI Joe later issues worth more than the older ones? What's the deal with Bad Idea Comics? What makes a comic valuable? What's the story with bisexual Superman? How can you make a comic not valuable? Do digital comics help drive physical comics sales? What happened to the New Universe? Do more people come into the store when a movie comes out?

Reading list: Rising Stars (J. Michael Straczynski); Flash by Mark Waid; Deadpool by Posehn/Duggan; Secret Empire (Marvel event); Y The Last Man; Old Man Hawkeye; Superman: Red Son; Bad Idea Comics; Neal Adams/Mark Waid Fantastic Four; Supreme Power

Recorded 11-18-21 via Zoom, also 12-3-21 via Audacity