Alice in Sunderland and More

Published: Jan. 13, 2023, 8:09 p.m.


My guest this week is comedian Jason Fliegel! What is Legion of Superheroes about? Who were the Legionnaire Lemons? What was Stone Boy's power? Is there a consistent continuity with Legion of Superheroes? Why does Brett like to read comics on the iPad? Which comic artist/writer influenced Alan Moore? Who is Michael Moorcock? What were the origins of Captain Britain? What did Alan Moore introduce to Captain Britain? What happened when the X-Men went through a portal and everyone thought they were dead? What cool thing did Jason used to do? Who was Mr. Silver Age? Who used to beat Jason at trivia? How did Brett and Jason used to buy comics back in the day? Which character does Jason hate? What annoys Brett and Jason? Who is Vanth Dreadstar? Who created Thanos?

Reading list:
Legion of Superheroes

Alice in Sunderland

Michael Moorcock

Alan Moore's Captain Britain

80's Spider-Man

John Byrne's Fantastic Four run

Stan Lee/Steve Ditko

Stan Lee/Jack Kirby

Stan Lee/John Romita Sr. Spider-Man

Walt Simonson's Thor


Hellboy and BPRD

Dreadstar by Jim Starlin



Recorded 12-29-22 via Zencastr