Alan Moore and More

Published: Nov. 24, 2023, 8:37 p.m.


My guest this week is comedian Ian Levy! Where did Ian used to work? What happened to Ian on Free Comic Book Day? Who does Brett dress up as when he goes to standup at cons? Are "fan experiences" any good? What celebrities has Brett met? How did Ian get started with comic books? What writer recently impressed Brett? Who is Ian\'s favorite character? Why don\'t people like Superman? What is Top 10 about? What is Alan Moore\'s deal? What happened with the rights to the Watchmen characters? Who was created first, Doom Patrol or X-Men? What was Frank Miller\'s Holy Terror?\\xa0

Reading list:
Mark Waid Flash
Ultimate Spider-Man
Ultimate Iron Man
Dragonball Z
The Watchmen
Mark Waid Daredevil
Superman Birthright
Kingdom Come
Superman: The Man of Steel by John Byrne
All-Star Superman (free on Kindle Unlimited)
Killing Joke
Top 10
Alan Moore\'s Swamp Thing
Something is Killing The Children
The Department of Truth
Captain America by Ed Brubaker
Stray Bullets
Gotham Central (free with Kindle Unlimited)
Daredevil by Ed Brubaker (free with Kindle Unlimited)
Spider-Man by J. Michael Straczynski
The Deviant by James Tynion IV
Immortal Hulk (free with Kindle Unlimited)
Doom Patrol by Grant Morrison
Animal Man by Grant Morrison
Empire by Mark Waid
Superman: American Alien

Watch list:
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
Captain America: Civil War
Doom Patrol

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