2023 Indie Comics and More

Published: Jan. 12, 2024, 9:47 p.m.


Returning to the show to talk about new comics is Dan Bublitz Jr.! Dan tells us all the books he read in 2023 and what he\'s looking forward to in 2024! How great are Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips? Do comic book movies get people in to comic book stores? Why is The Tick so expensive? What book is Brett reading that isn\'t grabbing him? Is it better to collect trade paperbacks rather than individual issues? How was new universal? How fun is the dollar bin? What does Brett look for when he does comedy out of town? Who is Tim Seeley? Where did Kingpin get his start in comics?\\xa0

Reading list:
Snelson: Comedy is Dying
Knock \'em Dead
Dying is Easy (free on Kindle Unlimited)
Ed Brubaker Captain America
Ed Brubaker Daredevil
Gotham Central (free with Comixology Unlimited)
Fade Out
That Texas Blood
*Money Shot
*Money Shot Comes Again
Mark Waid / Neal Adams Fantastic Four (free on Comixology Unlimited)
Howard The Duck
The Tick
Superman: American Alien
*Under the Influence by Elliot Rahal
Hot Lunch Special
*Local Man
Where the Body Was
Night Fever
PeaceMaker Tries Hard
Big Game by Mark Millar
Marvel 1985 (free on Kindle Unlimited)
The Ultimates
*Red Light (free with Kindle Unlimited)
Joe Fixit
*Klik Klik Boom
Garbage Pail Kids
*The Exiled by Wesley Snipes (!)
Heat Seeker: A Gun Honey Series
Basic Instinct
*Animal Pound by Tom King
Slow Burn
*The Plot Holes
*Minor Threats by Patton Oswalt
*The Alternates by Patton Oswalt
Saturday Morning Adventures - TMNT and D&D
The Enfield Gang Massacre
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Compendium, Vol. 1