Finding the Right Partnerships (on Think Media Podcast) | Ep 141

Published: May 15, 2024, 9 a.m.


\\u201cYou have to be honest with yourself, the problem that you\'ve been avoiding (\\u2026) that you continue to let year after year or month after month fester, you need to confront it.\\u201d Today, join Leila (@LeilaHormozi) as she guests on the Think Media Podcast (with Sean Cannell) to share insights on achieving business success, scaling businesses, and transitioning creators into successful CEOs while emphasizing the importance of strong leadership and strategic partnerships. The discussion also highlights the necessity of building a self-reflective and authentic personal brand, avoiding burnout among content creators, and the role of equitable contributions in successful business partnerships.

Welcome to Build where we talk about the lessons I have learned in scaling big businesses, gaining millions in sales, and helping our portfolio companies do the same. Buckle up, because we\\u2019re creating an unshakeable business.

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(0:39) - The creator\'s dilemma: from burnout to CEO

(2:16) - Embracing challenges beyond content creation

(5:01) - The art of finding the right business partner

(6:45) - Navigating partnerships and equity in business

(9:11) - The critical role of due diligence in partnerships

(12:15) - Marriage and business: a delicate balance

(14:53) - Confronting partnership challenges in marriage

(18:11) - The power of brand in business and content creation

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