"I Stopped Trusting Doctors" Endometriosis, Body Awareness, Free Bleeding: 19 Minutes with 19Keys & Konscious Being

Published: June 10, 2024, 4:35 p.m.


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Are you ready to uncover the mind-blowing connection between endometriosis, diet, and holistic well-being? This must-watch episode dives deep into Kendall\'s personal journey battling excruciating pain, hospital visits, and the life-altering decision to go vegan cold turkey.

\\U0001f50d Key Topics Covered:

- \\U0001f338 The hidden trauma stored in our bodies and its impact on health

- \\U0001f3e5 The shocking experiences in the ER and the medical community\'s response

- \\U0001f957 The transformative power of a plant-based diet on endometriosis

- \\U0001f344 Delicious vegan recipes and tips to make the transition easier

- \\U0001f31f Spiritual awakening and mental clarity through holistic living

Join us in this high-level conversation and explore effective strategies for navigating the complexities of endometriosis and achieving holistic wealth. Kendall, aka the Conscious Vegan, shares her comprehensive guide to improving your health, one meal at a time.

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19Keys is a visionary thinker and motivational speaker who empowers people to unlock their greatest potential.

Visit www.19Keys.com for more information.

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0:00 - Intro

2:12 - Why are you a vegan

5:53 - How did you change your diet

10:45 - Being in tune with your body

15:02 - How to make vegan food taste good

17:43 - The importance of lifestyle changes

18:50 - How to transition to a plant-based diet

21:00 - Misinformation Campaigns

23:58 - Protein

27:34 - Best Recipe

28:37 - What Do You Want to Change for Women

30:50 - What\\u2019s In Your Tampons

33:35 - Thank You For Sharing Your Knowledge

37:30 - Women Know What\\u2019s Toxic And What\\u2019s Not Toxic

38:57 - What\\u2019s In Your Cabinet

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