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Chapter I - Of the Lighting of the Beacon

Chapter II - Of the Soursops, and the Curse which Hung on Them

Chapter III - Kiartan at Cragness

Chapter IV - Of Einar and Ondott

Chapter V - The Summoning of Hiarandi

Chapter VI - Of What Hiarandi Should Do

Chapter VII - How Hiarandi Received the Lesser Outlawry

Chapter VIII - Of Schemings

Chapter IX - Of the Outcome of Ondott's Plottings

Chapter X - How Rolf Named Witnesses for the Death of Hiarandi

Chapter XI - Of Rolf's Search for One to Surpass Him with the Bow

Chapter XII - Of the Trial of Skill at Tongue

Chapter XIII - Of That Robber

Chapter XIV - How Rolf and Einar Summoned Each Other

Chapter XV - Of Suits at the Althing

Chapter XVI - The Act of Distress

Chapter XVII - Rolf and Frodi Fare Abroad

Chapter XVIII - How Those Two Came into Thraldom

Chapter XIX - Now Men Are Shipwrecked

Chapter XX - How Rolf Won His Freedom

Chapter XXI - How Rolf Won the Viking's Bow

Chapter XXIII - Of the Coming of Earl Thorfinn

Chapter XXII - Now Kiartan Returns

Chapter XXIV - Now Rolf and Grani Quarrel

Chapter XXV - Here Rolf Comes to Cragness

Chapter XXVI - Of Grani's Pride

Chapter XXVII - Odd Doings at Cragness

Chapter XXVIII - Of That Harvest Feast

Chapter XXIX - Of the Trial of Grani's Pride

Chapter XXX - Of the Saying of Those Two Words

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The Story of Rolf and the Viking's Bow

The Story of Rolf and the Viking's Bow, Allen FRENCH (1870 - 1946)

Rolf, a youth in early Christian Iceland, loses first his father, then his property, and finally his freedom to the schemes of a greedy neighbor. Outlawed from Iceland, Rolf travels abroad, meeting with shipwreck, enslavement, Viking berserkers, and many other dangers and adventures. All the while, Rolf searches for a way to prove his father was killed unjustly and win back his own property and freedom. Even more difficult, Rolf must end the cycle of enmity, vengeance, and pride that hangs like a curse over his family. - Summary by Erin Schellhase