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0:1 Indian Summer of a Forsyte 1

0:2 Indian Summer of a Forsyte 2

0:3 Indian Summer of a Forsyte 3

0:4 Indian Summer of a Forsyte 4

1:1 At Timothy's

1:2 Exit A Man Of The World

1:3 Soames Prepares To Take Steps

1:4 Soho

1:5 James Sees Visitors

1:6 No Longer Young Jolyon At Home

1:7 The Colt And The Filly

1:8 Jolyon Prosecutes The Trusteeship

1:9 Val Hears The News

1:10 Soames Entertains The Future

1:11 And Visits The Past

1:12 On Forsyte 'Change

1:13 Jolyon Finds Out Where He Is

1:14 Soames Discovers What He Wants

2: 1 The Third Generation

2:2 Soames Puts It To The Touch

2:3 Visit To Irene

2:4 Where Forsytes Fear To Tread

2:5 Jolly Sits In Judgement

2:6 Jolyon In Two Minds

2:7 Dartie Versus Dartie

2:8 The Challenge

2:9 Dinner At James’s

2:10 Death Of The Dog Balthazar

2:11 Timothy Stays The Rot

2:12 Progress Of The Chase

2:13 Here We Are Again

2:14 Outlandish Night

3:1 Soames In Paris

3: 2 In The Web

3:3 Richmond Park

3:4 Over The River

3:5 Soames Acts

3:6 A Summer Day

3:7 A Summer Night

3:8 James In Waiting

3:9 Out Of The Web

3:10 Passing Of An Era

3:11 Suspended Animation

3:12 Birth Of A Forsyte

3:13 James Is Told

3:14 His

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In Chancery (Forsyte Saga Vol. 2)

In Chancery (Forsyte Saga Vol. 2), John GALSWORTHY (1867 - 1933)

'The Forsyte Saga' is the story of a wealthy London family stretching from the eighteen-eighties until the nineteen-twenties. In Chancery is the second book in the saga. Five years have passed since Irene left Soames and the death of Bosinney. Old Jolyon meets Irene and is enchanted by her. At his death he leaves her a legacy sufficient for her to live an independent life in Paris. Soames who is desperate for a son, attempts to effect a rapprochement but is rejected by her. Meanwhile Young Jolyon, now a widower,who is Irene’s trustee falls in love with her. Soames suspects Young Jolyon and Irene of adultery and sues for divorce. His action is successful. Young Jolyon and Irene marry. She bears him a son, John. Soames remarries. His wife Annette bears him a daughter, Fleur. (Summary by Andy Minter)