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The Ass and His Shadow

The Farmer and His Sons

The Dog and The Cook

The Monkey As King

The Thieves and the Cock

The Farmer and Fortune

Jupiter and the Monkey

Father and Sons

The Lamp

The Owl and The Birds

The Ass In The Lion’s Skin

The She-Goats and Their Beards

The Old Lion

The Boy Bathing

The Quack Frog

The Swollen Fox

The Mouse, The Frog, and The Hawk

The Boy and The Nettles

The Peasant and The Apple-Tree

The Jackdaw and The Pigeons

Jupiter and The Tortise

The Dog in The Manger

The Two Bags

The Oxen and The Axletrees

The Boy and The Filberts

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Aesop's Fables, Volume 03 (Fables 51-75)

Aesop's Fables, Volume 03 (Fables 51-75), AESOP (c. 620 BCE - 564)

Dating back to the 6th century BC, Aesop's Fables tell universal truths through the use of simple allegories that are easily understood. Though almost nothing is known of Aesop himself, and some scholars question whether he existed at all, these stories stand as timeless classics known in almost every culture in the world. This is volume 3 of 12. (Summary by Chip)