Recipe Collection - surprising soup, marvellous cous cous, lamb's liver and slump for afters!

Published: May 10, 2018, 1 p.m.

Pennie Latin introduces this delicious dive into the Kitchen Cafe recipe collection with top Skye chef Michael Smith, writer Sue Lawrence, food consultant and writer Christopher Trotter and international spice expert Ghillie Basan. So if you're bored of cooking the same thing week after week and are after inspiration you've come to the perfect place! This week Sue Lawrence is on the starter, a sensational pear and red pepper soup. Chef Michael Smith draws on his wife's north African heritage to show us how to make the perfect cous cous. Staying in North Africa Ghillie Basan gives us the low down on ras el hanout spice mix then Christopher Trotter treats us to lamb's liver with lime. And if you've still got room after all that then how about a favourite family recipe from Pennie's own kitchen, berry slump!