Published: July 11, 2024, 8 a.m.


Missouri AG Andrew Bailey filed another lawsuit this week against the Biden Regime for forcing healthcare providers to perform gender transition surgeries on the taxpayer dime. Bailey says it\'s abominable behavior and consistent with the left-wing radical ideology in place of practical good. He says they\'re going to sacrifice our children in the process and we\'ve got to fight back. The Department of Health and Human Services issuing a rule that purports to use Obamacare to mandate that physicians in Missouri perform radical gender mutilation surgeries on children and taxpayers pay for it is absolutely illegal and violates state law. Bailey has also filed suit against the Marxist Dems in New York who are waging lawfare on President Trump. The AG says we\'ve got to put a stop to this lawfare that is absolutely injecting a poison into our democratic process. This is about protecting Missouri\'s sovereign interest in this state as a state, and participating in a national presidential election and on equal footing with other states. We can\'t let a rogue prosecutor and collusive judiciary in New York hijack the democratic process and deprive Missourians of access to, and the ability to hear from, presidential candidate in the heat of a campaign in the most important national election in in this nation\'s history. 

Guest: Andrew Bailey, Attorney General of Missouri 

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