RCR 083: Business Continuity Planning (BCP) - CISSP Training and Study!

Published: March 16, 2020, 5 p.m.

Shon Gerber from ShonGerber.com provides you the information and knowledge you need to prepare and pass the CISSP Exam while providing the tools you need to enhance your cybersecurity career.  Shon utilizes his expansive knowledge while providing superior training from his years of training people in cybersecurity.   

In this episode, Shon will talk about the following items that are included within Domain 1 (Security and Risk Management) of the CISSP Exam. 

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CISSP Exam Questions 

Question:  129 

 Which of the following could lead to the conclusion that a disaster recovery plan may not be operational within the timeframe the business needs to recover? 
A. )The alternate site is a warm site 
B. Critical recovery priority levels are not defined 
C. Offsite backups are located away from the alternate site 
D. The alternate site is located 70 miles away from the primary site 

Answer: B 


Question:  130 

What are the four domains of communication in the disaster planning and recovery process? 
A. Plan manual, plan communication, primer for survival, warning and alarms 
B. Plan communication, primer for survival, escalation, declaration 
C. Plan manual, warning and alarm, declaration, primer for survival 
D. Primer for survival, escalation, plan communication, warning and alarm 

Answer: C 


Question:  131 

The underlying reason for creating a disaster planning and recover strategy is to 
A. Mitigate risks associated with disaster. 
B. Enable a business to continue functioning without impact. 
C. Protect the organization’s people, place and processes. 
D. Minimize financial profile.

Answer: A 
Explanation: “Disaster recovery has the goal of minimizing the effects of a disaster and taking the necessary steps to ensure that the resources, personnel, and business processes are able to resume operation in a timely manner.” Pg 550 Shon Harris: All-in-One CISSP Certification


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