FYR027 Investment Opportunities and Strategy for Ethereum, Bitcoin, Gold and EURO

Published: June 15, 2021, 3:15 p.m.

Mike and Lee discuss investment strategy and investment opportunities for Ethereum Bitcoin, Gold, and the US dollar. Mike explains why Bitcoin may have some strong head winds to overcome in 2021 and why Ethereum is outperforming Bitcoin and why he thinks it will continue to outperform Bitcoin for the foreseeable future.

Mike covers key levels to watch out for in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold and EUR / USD, and perhaps more importantly the importance of risk management.

Time stamps as follows:

0:00 to 1:30 Introduction

1:31 to 3:08 Thoughts on Bitcoin vs Ethereum  

3:09 to 6:30 The fed launching their own digital coin and regulation

6:31 to 9:25 The investment opportunity in the blockchain space

9:26 to 16:40 Technical Analysis, price levels and, volatility side of Bitcoin and Ethereum

16:41 to 24:40 Comparing blockchain technology to the start of the .com internet in the late 90s

24:41 to 28:02:30 Managing risk vs opportunity, day trading vs buy and hold

28:03 to 37:05 Thoughts on Inflation, infrastructure spending, artificial intelligence, and gold levels

37:06 to 38:44 Investment opportunity’s

38:45 to 40:20 Gold support levels and targets

40:21 to 43:35 US dollar bias and EUR/USD key levels

43:35 to 45:45 Review of our past market analysis and wrap up

?? Closing remarks and wrap up.

Hope you have a wonderful day,

The FYR team.


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