FYR011 Planning creates direction and gives us focus, fail to plan and you plan to fail

Published: May 27, 2020, 8 a.m.

During this episode, I review a common theme running through both Mikes and Hywles episodes, FYR009, and FYR010. Although they come from two very different professions, Mike is a successful professional fund manager and Hywel is a successful business consultant, they both stressed the importance of planning.

Many regularly use the skill of planning when booking a holiday to buying a new car. With the abundance of information available at our fingertips, its never been a better time to plan your way to financial self-sufficiency and set a target of funding your retirement. It starts with planning

0.00 to 0:40 Introduction

0:041 to 1:27  Mike and Hywel discuss the importance of planning in episodes FYR009 and FYR010

1:28 to 2:30 How you are already skilled at planning and many plan a major event each year, your holiday

2:31 to 3:00 The fundamentals of planning

3:01 to 3:36 Business plan outline

3:37 to 4:40 Trading plan outline

4:41 to 5:44 Spending time researching and planning for a new car

5:45 to 8:01 We live in the information age, planning creates direction, and it gives us focus

8:02 to 9:24 Next weeks topic on risk management and wrap up

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