Episode Six - The Flatwoods Monster

Published: April 2, 2021, 11:40 a.m.

Welcome to Episode Six of the Cryptid Ramblers Podcast. Regular listeners will be pleased to know that we are back "home" in West Virginia. After a quick trip across state to Virginia, USA we are back exploring a local WV cryptid. Now this creature has become a local legend to the residents of Flatwoods, Braxton County bringing with it a museum, statues and some much needed tourism. 

As well as our favourite state in the US we are also back in the 1950's, specifically this time we are going to 1952. Just after the "UFO Summer" or the Washington Blip, there was an encounter with a cryptid that would change the lives of not only the participants involved, but the residents of this small populated town of West Virginia. 

Here in this episode we will dive deep into one of the most compelling cryptid encounters to rock the US, the mysterious Flatwoods Monster. 

Is this a real encounter with a visitor from another planet or simply an attempt to get a town on the map. Join us as we break down the story, its origins and as always other encounters.