Episode Four - Men in Black

Published: March 5, 2021, 1:26 p.m.

Welcome to Episode Four of the Cryptid Ramblers Podcast. 

In this episode we dive into another cryptid who was also prominent in West Virginia, USA. This particular group of cryptids will be familiar to most people as they were inserted into pop culture, thanks to a popular 1997 movie. 

Yes, we will be diving deep into the Men in Black. 

As mentioned they were popularised by the 1997 movie starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, and various sequels followed. We, however, will be going back to the 1950's and again covering West Virginia. This is where some of the many and most compelling encounters occurred. 

We will of course be going into their origins, their representation in the movie, the most famous encounter as well other interactions experienced throughout 1950's West Virginia. 

I hope you join us on this exploration of the most well known secret group of individuals, where we try to add credibility and truth to the myth, or do we come to realise it is all a fabrication.