Mexico: Mayan Mystery and Marine Majesty

Published: Aug. 13, 2019, 10:54 a.m.

Greg and Jem discuss Greg's first travel documentary filmed among the Mayan ruins and the marine life - including whales and sharks - of Mexico! Watch the documentary for yourself at:

Condensed History Gems podcast is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Greg Chapman, juggler and comedy entertainer from Condensed Histories (@condensedhist) and Jem Duducu, history writer of HistoryGems (@historygems). Each week we have a half hour discussion episode, as well as a shorter ‘Fast 5’ episode featuring one of the two. Subjects range through history, from pirates to Saxons, Vikings to Victorians, and Romans to the Cold War! Find out more about the podcast at You can also discover Jem's books at You can find out about Greg's travels through mayan ruins and whales in Magdelena Bay, Mexico, at

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